Donnerstag, 23. Juli 2015

The Sims 4: Beach Mod 2.0

Beach Mod 2.0 has been released!
The Sims 4: Beach Mod is a modification that changes the look of your worlds. Basically what it does is, it changes the textures. The best effect is seen in Oasis Springs - the place where all the community lots are. Whereas version 1.0 just changed some textures, version 2.0 has much more to offer.

Replaced Objects
A lot of the cactus plants and houses already have been replaced into more beach-looking plants and modern houses.

New Background
Especially in Oasis Springs you can see the result of the changed background. In the distance you can now spot skyscrapers and an ocean with some ships and boats.

New Textures
Not only the sand texture has changed but also a lot of the road textures fit the beachy theme even better!

New Trait
With the Beach Mod 2.0 a new trait joins the mod to give this back a little bit of gameplay. The new 'Relaxer' trait is the perfect trait for your Sims that only want to relax and gain a lot of skills like the Fitness or Wellness skill much faster!

Future Plans

We want to make Oasis Beach a separate world so you have much more fun. Maybe we can even make this a destination! We want to improve the designs and remove a lot of the rocks.
I also want to make the ocean usable to swim but this is just an idea.

Known Issues
None so far

Twitter: @TheSimplyNando YouTube: SimplyNando


  1. I like it, but I don't want it affecting all of my worlds...just one Neighborhood will do me fine. I understand why the mod works the way it does, though - I know a lot of the modified assets are used in several Neighborhoods.

  2. so you actually can go to the beach in sims 4 if installing this mode?

  3. are you still making Oasis Beach a separate world and a destination?
    are you also still making the ocean usable to swim.