Montag, 26. Oktober 2015

The Sims 4: Skylight Roof Pieces

Skylight Roof Pieces
Original by Cinderellimouse

Hey there. Today I have something new for you. I'm happy to present you my recolored versions of the Skylight Roof Pieces. To actually make them work, follow the instructions by Cinderellimouse on her website.

I added a lot of color options to the base objects and I put a focus on making them fit with the objects from Spa Day and Perfect Patio Stuff as those seem to be the new color scheme for future objects. In total there are 9 roof pieces with 9 color options for every single roof piece. From basic black, grey and white to a decent amount of wood-ish, browny-colors.

Enjoy them by downloading them here.

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  1. Hello,

    Would you please consider fixing the link? I love the skylights from Cinderellimouse and would love your recolors to use, too.

    Thank you <3

  2. can you fix the link please :)